The Hope High Dollars for Scholars Story

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Hope High Dollars for Scholars (HHDfS) is a non-profit, tax-exempt scholarship foundation (501C3). Our mission is to expand access to educational opportunities for Hope High students by providing one-time and renewable scholarship awards.


Our beginnings:

Our story of how Hope High Dollars for Scholars began, starts in 2010 when, Jane Rosenbloom Bermont, '65, donated to Hope High theater students, so they could participate in the prestigious Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her interest in giving back to Hope grew from there. Here were talented students who needed financial help to fulfill a dream; certainly there were so many others with college dreams without the financial resources to support their goals.  In 2011, Jane reached out to other Hope alumni friends and Hope High Dollars for Scholars and its Board became a reality.

Our all-volunteer Board members bring to the table the talents, expertise, and focused dedication to our mission to expand access to education opportunities for Hope students by supporting college readiness programs and providing scholarships. Our diverse Board includes specialists in the financial industry, in human resources, in communications, in the arts, in the legal field, in education, and in the business world. Their breadth of knowledge and experience is critical to our work and success.

Our growth and development:

Unlike other Dollars for Scholars affiliates, our focus is on one high school, Hope. And because of our singular focus, we have developed close partnerships with Hope's principals and guidance department. Their ongoing support and enthusiasm has been instrumental to our scholarship program.

Hope High Dollars for Scholars is so meaningful because we all believe in paying it forward so that today's Hope students can have access to the same education opportunities we had. Many of us were fortunate to be raised in middle class families with adequate financial resources. It was a given that we would be going on to college. Today's Hope students' lives couldn't be more different than ours. Most are the sons and daughters of immigrants who daily face the most basic economic challenges. Their college opportunities are far from a given.

We are celebrating Ten Years of Scholarships!  In our first year, 2012, our fundraising was focused on our own networks of friends and families. We awarded $1000 scholarships to 6 Hope seniors that year. Our donor network and support have increased each year and so have our scholarship awards. To date we have awarded $363,000 in scholarships to 98 Hope seniors. Our first awards were one-time scholarships.  Because of donor generosity, not only do we continue provide one-time scholarships, but we have been able to award multi-year renewable scholarships to support our scholars' college completion.

In 2018, looking to the future, we established the Hope High Dollars for Scholars Endowment Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation in Providence, RI. Our goal is to raise $500,000 by 2023 to provide scholarships for years to come to deserving Hope High Scholars. The Hope High Dollars for Scholars Endowment Fund will be our legacy.  More details available under the Fundraising tab. 

Some quotes from our donors and scholars:

Supporting these outstanding scholars allows me to pay it forward, a lesson instilled by my parents. These students are looking for opportunities to better themselves in a country founded on principles of inclusivity, fairness, and caring. I am proud of these Hope High School students and their family members who have sacrificed to live the American dream! Long live Hope High graduates who aspire to be successful and wok hard to make a more meaningful life for themselves and their families!!  Steve Rappoport, Hope '67

HHDFS recognizes the diminishing, formidable, societal obstacles encountered by Hope students, and encourages them, through scholarship opportunities, to be limitless in their dreams. Anthony Roberson, Providence Police Detective

A friend and former teacher peaked my interest in HHDfS. The incredible scholars deserve my support.  And, the Hope High School alumni, who champion this remarkable effort, inspire me most. Neil Corkery, retired Providence teacher and administrator

Chance. Hope. Success. That's what this scholarship means to me, It took a Chance on my skills and education, My Hope of entering college became a reality with the donation and dedication of the donors and finally, all that's left is to become the first-generation college student in my family - Success! Steve Pouriert, Hope '15, Providence College

It's one thing for your parent to believe in you and your dreams.  But knowing that somebody else out there besides your parent sees you as a champ and they are willing to give you a chance to live up to your dreams, is beyond what words can express.  I am so grateful for what HHDfS is doing for me and for others.  Pascaline Uwase, Hope '15, URI


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Contact Information:

Jane Bermont, Founder & President, Hope High Dollars for Scholars, 617-686-9158

Christina Ricci, VP, Hope High Dollars for Scholars, 617-833-1611

Andrea Mattia, Communication Chair, Hope High Dollars for Scholars, 401-602-1882  



Hope High Dollars for Scholars mission is to support accomplished and passionate Hope high School students' pursuit of higher education through scholarships and programmatic funding. Our all-volunteer organization seeks contributions from alumni and friends committed to giving back to Hope and to motivating graduates to achieve academic excellence beyond their years at Hope.



Rising costs are closing doors to higher education for many students at our alma mater.  Through Hope High Dollars for Scholars, we have the opportunity to make a strong, collective statement about the importance of education beyond high school.  We can provide both encouragement and financial support for students at Hope.