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Our 2018-2019 Annual Appeal is in full swing! 


We are determined to continue to Inspire Hope.  Please be as generous as possible - our 2019 Scholars are counting on you!  Here's what some of our past scholars say about their HHDfS scholarships.


What my HHDfS Scholarship means to me...    


"This scholarship is not just about the money, it's about encouragement !"  

Shiva Karki, Junior, Rhode Island College



"My scholarship means an opportunity to push forward. Hope High Dollars for Scholars believed in my ability to succeed. My scholarship allows me to pursue my dreams. When I lack hope, I am reminded through my scholarship, that I am capable of striving forward."

Hafzat Akanni, Junior, Boston University


                                                                       Steve, Alanis, & Pascaline


"I am so thankful for what Hope High Dollars for Scholars is doing for  me and others. It's a whole new world of confidence."

Pascaline Uwase, Senior, URI


"My scholarship has given me the opportunity to be a part of an amazing alumni community. I have met so many people who are so caring and devoted to helping the students of Hope High School. They have been a huge support system for me and I am truly grateful."

Alanis Concepcion, Senior, Providence  College


"My scholarship means hope and a gateway to a better future for myself and my family."

Steve Poueriet, Junior, Providence College


Our scholarships mean so much to us. Please continue to inspire hope for the 2019 Scholars and donate to the HHDfS Annual Appeal!

Thank you,      Shiva, Hafzat, Pascaline, Alanis, Steve\


Last year, our generous donors were directly responsible for inspiring hope in twelve deserving Hope seniors, our 2018 HHDfS Scholars. Encouragement is key, but the scholarship money is essential.

For those who joined us at our May 15 Annual Awards Dinner, you saw the heart-warming appreciation of our Scholars for the $60,000 in scholarships and laptops awarded that evening. Their scholarships underscore that they are worthy, that they are capable, that they belong in college, that they matter.

So, please donate to our 2018-2019 HHDfS Annual Appeal.. And, if you are able, please give a bit more this year! 


 To Donate Online:

Click Here

(One time or Recurring Donation)


To donate by check, payable to Hope High Dollars for Scholars:

Barbara Shapiro,Treasurer

c/o HMS Financial Group

333 Elm St., Suite 210

Dedham, MA 02026


For donors 70 1/2 or older, please consider a donation from your IRA as those donations can count toward your required minimum distribution (RMD) without having to claim income.

We also have opportunities for funding Named Scholarships in honor/memory of a loved one or special person. Contact Jane Bermont, President, at jbermont@aol.com or 617 686-9158 for further information about these special scholarships.

With your support, Hope High Dollars for Scholars will continue to inspire hope for deserving Hope High graduates - opening up the world and enabling them to become productive, engaged members of their communities.









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