Our 2021 Hope Scholars Are Off To College! 

I finally finished my first month of college! At first, time management issues took adjustment. But, I am now more confident. I was surprised by my amount of free time, but  I make sure to use it wisely. My favorite class is Intro To Teaching  taught by Professor Kraus. We learn about important things like acknowledging different cultures and making students feel comfortable and included. I participated in Student Activities Day. It was a great opportunity to check out clubs while having fun and making new friends! College may be tough at first, but it is amazing. Because of my Tommy Feldman Memorial Scholarship I am able to experience it. I am so thankful that you believed in me!
Graciela Escobar, RIC

Graciela Escobar
If I were to describe college so far in one or two words, they would be culture shock. As a woman of color attending a predominately white institution, I felt out of place compared to my community back in Providence. However, I was able to find students like me, helping me to create a space where it's okay to feel vulnerable and be honest with myself.
Aisha Odetunde, Wesleyan University

Aisha Odetunde 2

If I were to describe college so far, it would be peaceful and interesting. Right now I have attended two classes, math and college success. My English class will begin soon. The professors are very kind to all of us. My math teacher is a love of person and helps me with everything.
Ambar Tavares Iazala, CCRI 
Ambar Tavarez Iazala

College is amazing.! It's been fun, and I'm really busy, as well. I think that I'm already adjusting to college life. I look forward experiencing a lot of challenges and fun in this chapter of my life.
Ruben Ogando Gonzalez, URI
Ruben 2

For me, college has been a challenge. Adjusting to classes held in different buildings has been different, as I am used to having my classes all in one place. I love the independence! I work at my own pace. I have so many career paths to choose from. I love the campus! It's so clean and beautiful.  And I have many friends at RIC who help me out when I most need it.  Elaine Alvarez, RIC
elaine alvarez
If I had to describe college so far, I'd say expensive. As an example, besides purchasing textbooks, I have to purchase access codes to do my homework! Access codes can cost $100 and up! I am even more grateful for my Class of '70 Scholarship! Carla Pepen, URI
carla 2
School has been interesting as a first time college student. It took awhile to adjust to the schedule, but other than that, everything has gone well. I enjoy college life and being on my own and learning to gain independence and do things on my own. I look forward to all that college has to offer. 
Faith Souza, RIC

Faith Souza


Thank you so much for our scholarships,
Graciela, Aisha, Ambar, Ruben, Elaine, Carla, and Faith