Hope High Dollars for Scholars

Endowment Campaign Plans

December 2019

Background and Mission:

  • Hope High Dollars for Scholars has had an incredible eight years!  Thanks to Hope alumni and friends generosity, we have awarded $270,000 in scholarships to 78 deserving Hope seniors. 
  • We believe it is now time for us to begin planning for our future legacy.
  • We want to "invest in hope" so that future Hope seniors will have the benefit of the financial support we provide today.
  • To that end, in 2018 we launched the Hope High Dollars for Scholars Endowment Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation in Providence, Rhode Island. Our Board authorized an initial investment of $50,000 from operating funds and personally pledged an additional $50,000.


  • In the next 4 years (by 2023), we want to raise $500,000 for the Hope High Dollars for Scholars Endowment Fund.
  • As of December 2019, we have $120,000 in the Endowment fund and pledges of another $100,000.  So we are almost halfway to our goal!
  •  This winter we are meeting with key donors who have interest in becoming Legacy Partners with a major gift and/or pledge commitment. 



  • For donors 70 1/2 or older, please consider a donation to the Endowment Campaign from your IRA as those donations can count toward your required minimum distribution (RMD) without having to claim income.
  • We are able to accept gifts of appreciated stock which can provide tax advantages.  The RI Foundation is able to provide instructions about the transfer of stock to the HHDfS Endowment Fund.  
  • We also have opportunities for funding Named Endowed Scholarships in honor/memory of a loved one or special person.

Contact Jane Bermont, President, at jbermont@aol.com or 617 686-9158 for further information.


With your support, Hope High Dollars for Scholars will continue to inspire hope for deserving Hope High graduates - opening up the world and enabling them to become productive, engaged members of their communities.