Planned Giving/Bequests    
Did you know that Hope High Dollars for Scholars has an endowment at the Rhode Island Foundation? Our partnership with the Foundation gives us access to planned giving resources and professional endowment management.  By contributing to our endowment, your charitable giving can benefit Hope High Dollars for Scholars forever. 

Now to Give Later 

Options for planned giving include:  


Making a gift from your will or trust is simple. A charitable bequest can be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or what remains after other bequests are made.  
Retirement fund assets

Donating retirement fund assets from qualified plans or IRAs, upon your passing, are ideal for charitable giving purposes because these assets are often heavily taxed. This option offers an opportunity to avoid income and estate tax.  
Qualified Charitable Distribution from IRA during lifetime

For donors 70 ½ or older, annual lifetime distributions up to $100,000 directly from one's IRA custodian to a public charity (some exclusions apply) are easy to do and those amounts can count toward the donor's required minimum distribution without the donor having to claim income. 
Charitable remainder trusts

Charitable remainder trusts appeal to donors with appreciated assets such as real estate or securities. They allow you to receive income (or provide income to another person) for life with the knowledge that the funds remaining when the trust terminates will be used to support our endowment.  
Charitable gift annuities

Charitable gift annuities guarantee you (or someone you name) a certain fixed income for life. At the death of the last annuity recipient, assets will be used to support our endowment. 
Life insurance

Life insurance can be used as a charitable asset, thereby enabling you to be eligible for a charitable tax deduction based on the current value of the paid-up policy. Or you can support our endowment by making it the beneficiary of part or all of the insurance proceeds. 
Please see our website www.hopehigh.dollarsforscholars.org or contact Jane Bermont, President, at jbermont@aol.com or 617-686-9158 to discuss these or other planned gift options. A gift for the endowment may be made to Hope High Dollars for Scholars directly, with instruction that it be contributed to Hope High Dollars for Scholars Endowment Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation. We look forward to working with you. We do not provide legal or tax advice.  Always consult your legal, tax, or financial advisor to assist with planned giving. 

The Rhode Island Foundation is the largest and most comprehensive funder of nonprofit organizations in  Rhode Island.  In 2017, the Foundation awarded over $43 million in grants to organizations addressing the state's  most pressing issues and needs of diverse communities. Through leadership, fundraising, and grantmaking  activities, often in partnership with individuals and organizations, the Foundation is helping Rhode Island reach  its true potential. For more information, visit www.rifoundation.org.