Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the HHDfS May 12, 2020 Awards Celebration was canceled but we announce our 2020 scholarships and celebrate each scholar and their college  below !




James J. & Mary F. Lopes Scholarship

"My mom and dad were 1st generation Americans of Cape Verdean

descent.Education, Integrity, Independence, Love were the cornerstones

of  their existence. Our home was always open for one and all, at all times

of day or evening.  Hospitality supreme! Best wishes, MD!"Don Lopes



University of Rhode Island



Class of 1969 Scholarship

"Hope '69 grads returned to Providence last June to celebrate our 50th

reunion. Every classmate contributed to the HHDfS Campaign. We are

PROUD graduates of Hope and THANKFUL for our lifetime of friendships.

 We are honored to Support, Recognize, and Celebrate this year's     

Class of 1969 Award recipient. Congratulations Wendy! "                 

    Art Corvese, George Mello, Harriet Nasberg Wasser


Wendy Ortiz Alonzo

Rhode Island College



Donald Salmanson Memorial Scholarship

"My entire family attended Hope High School. We each have special

feelings about the way Hope affected our lives. Our uncle, Donald

Salmanson, made lifelong friends and felt a special connection to

Hope. He overcame a significant hearing loss to go on to college and

made many contributions to the Providence community. He would be

delighted to help Hope seniors to take that next step - college.      

Congratulations, Quinn-Michael "   Roz Hill


Quinn-Michael Ferguson

Rhode Island College 



Patricia Houlihan Memorial Scholarship

"The Patricia Houlihan Memorial Scholarship honors the life and career

of Patricia Houlihan, Hope '57. Pat was the first in her family to

attend college and was a devoted Providence teacher and guidance

counselor for 30 years. Some other accomplishments included serving

as President of the Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health

Professionals, Vice President of the Providence Teachers Union, and

Secretary of the Providence Central Labor Council. She was also a

charter member of the Coalition of Labor Union Women. Her passion for

children, teaching, and labor have made HHDfS a wonderful way to

remember her. Our best to you, Jannilette!"   Frank and Sean Houlihan


Janillette Otiz

Rhode Island College



Markoff Sisters Scholarship

"The Markoff Sisters Scholarship supports  a graduating Hope High

senior who dreams of continuing their education. The Markoffs were

three sisters who attended Hope High School and graduated in the

1930's-1940's. Many of their children also attended Hope High in the

1960's-1970's. With fond memories and gratitude, our alumni family

members wanted to offer the opportunity of college to others. With

all of  Kevin Castaneda's academic, athletic, and musical

accomplishments in high school and his future potential in higher

education, he sounds like a terrific fit for our scholarship. In my

own mother's words, "Be grateful for all your blessings, and use them

to enrich another person's life." So, in the spirit of my mother and

all the Markoff Family Members, we congratulate Kevin and wish him

great success! "  Susan Geffner Hynes


Kevin Castaneda

University of Rhode Island



Richard D. Greenberg Memorial Scholarship

"Richard and I met at Hope High and have great memories of those

years. Education has always been avery important to our families and

to our children. For several years, I donated to the Class of '62

Scholarship. When Richard passed in 2017, a scholarship in his name

was a way to keep his memory alive and to support a deserving Hope

senior with the goal of a college educatoin. Wishing all the

scholarship winners a happy, healthy, and successful year ahead.

Wishing you success, Paola! "    Marilyn Greenberg


Paola Varela

Bay Path University



Anthony E. Provenzo Memorial Scholarship

"My wife and I are happy to contribute to Hope High Dollars for

Scholars. It is an opportunity to honor my late cousin Anthony. We

wish Lucy Salado success in her studies and in her future endeavors."

                                                                                      Stephen Provenzo


Lucy Salado

Rhode Island College



Opportunity Scholarship

"The Opportunity Scholarship was created to provide a chance for a

Hope senior to attend college without having to graduate with an

          undue amount of debt. We believe that higher education provides

added skills, training, and discipline and opens paths for a

      rewarding career. We hope Kalani will enjoy her college experience."                 

                                                                             Lucy and Peter Ascoli


Kalani Zarzuela

University of Rhode Island



 Tommy Feldman Memorial Scholarship

"Tommy Feldman was our best friend. We grew up together, we went

through our adolescence together, we held each other's secrets. At

the end of his freshman year in college, Tommy was killed in a tragic

accident.  We never truly healed from the devastating loss. Honoring

Tommy's memory with this scholarship gives Hope graduates a better

chance and helps us heal. We are so appreciative for the support and

generosity of our Hope '66 classmates and many others - thank you

all!  Congratulations, Jose. Good Luck at URI! "                              

                               Bill Fishbein, Michael Leach & Frank Stetson


Jose Quintanilla

University of Rhode Island



Class of '68 Scholarship

"A heartfelt thank you to our classmates who generously donated to the

Class of '68 Scholarship. We all share such fond memories.  We wish

Lisbet much success in her future endeavors."                                 

                                     Kathy Romano Mezzanotte & Carol Santangini


Lisbet Gomez Alejo

University of Rhode Island